Silks Catering has catered at over 50 different venues across Victoria. Ranging from wineries, country side, receptions, halls, gardens, conference centres, hotels, private domains and more. We can cater at any venue you desire – whether you find the venue or we can assist in finding one for you.

Each venue has specific requirements you will need to take into consideration for your event. Our event co-ordinators have close relationships with many venues across Victoria. If you haven’t booked a venue yet, please enquire with Silks to obtain more information to assist you in deciding an appropriate location for your occasion.

Here to Help
We can lead you through the questions you may not be aware of when signing up for a venue. Let Silks assist you if you are unsure of contract details with the venues.

Once a venue is booked (whether by yourselves or Silks), our event co-ordinators will represent you at the venue to help manage your event for you.